Women Hair Loss


According to some authorities, as many as 40 percent of women suffer from some degree of hair loss. For women, hair loss can be devastating because of cultural standards of beauty; many women feel less feminine or attractive and may suffer from low self esteem as a result.

In women, hair loss has a number of possible causes. Stress, malnutrition, genetic predisposition, skin disorders, certain medications, medical procedures, and health problems are some of the most well-known culprits. After genetics, stress is the next biggest cause of female hair loss because, as studies have shown, women experience more stress than men on average.

For this problem, many women turn to a doctor for drugs or surgery to restore their hair. Unfortunately, these services are both risky and prohibitively expensive. Despite this, there are plenty of natural and inexpensive ways to treat this problem without the use of prescription drugs or surgery.


This mineral, which most Americans do not get enough of, is extremely important for the health of your skin and hair follicles. Without enough zinc, your scalp health suffers and your hair may fall out very easily. You can take it in a supplement form to attack the problem internally and use a shampoo or cream containing it to apply to your scalp to take care of it externally.

Vitamin C

For many women, hair loss may be due to a lack of vitamin C. This vitamin possesses ample antioxidant benefits that can lower both stress and prevent chemical factors from attacking and damaging hair follicles and skin. However, vitamin C is also a critical part of nourishing and rebuilding these things since it is a key building block of collagen. This protein is used heavily in your skin and follicles and if you don't get enough vitamin C, your body can't make collagen to assist in skin and hair follicle health.


Oatmeal makes a delicious and healthy breakfast, but it also contains compounds that actively fight hair loss by blocking DHT. DHT is the hormone most commonly blamed for baldness in men, but for women hair loss can also be caused by it. By gaining control of your body's levels of this hormone, you can prevent, slow or completely halt hair loss.


When medical options are not affordable for women hair loss can even be treated using cayenne, a spicy culinary favorite. This hot little pepper can be used internally and externally to improve blood flow, and therefore nutrient delivery, to the scalp and hair follicles. You can eat it in your food or in a capsule form, but some people like to make a paste from it and rub it on their scalp as well. To do this, simply mix it with some type of cooking oil or add it to your bottle of shampoo. You can also make a simple paste by using a little water.


Gelatin is made from collagen taken from pork and beef during processing. This nutritious substance, which is a key ingredient in gelatin desserts and is naturally found in soup broth, also happens to be the main building block of your skin and hair follicles. Adding this food as a regular part of your diet will be helpful for the prevention of hair loss and to help grow stronger, healthier hair. It is strongly recommended that you take vitamin C in conjunction with eating gelatin in order to reap its optimal benefits.

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