Women Hair Loss Treatment


Losing hair is traumatic, especially for women, as many women take pride in the appearance of their beautiful hair. Hair loss in women is very different from that in men. Unlike hair loss for men, where it is the hairline that starts receding, in women, the thinning of hair begins at the crown of the head and the thinning typically spreads over women's entire head.

Causes for Hair Loss in Women

There are many reasons for hair loss and Women's Hair Loss Treatment is determined according to the cause. These causes can be due to genetic reasons, immune system, malnutrition, aging, and many other reasons. But before going into the causes, a woman should know about the types of hair loss.

There are two types of hair loss:

The main reasons for hair loss in women are genetics or aging. Additionally, during pregnancy and childbirth, when a woman's body undergoes major hormonal changes, can affect women's hair. Other reasons include a traumatic incident that can also cause hair loss, an illness like high fever, or sudden weight loss.

Women's hair loss happens gradually and begins at the crown of the head with thinning hair. Women can also see broken hair or hair that is easily removed by combing with fingers or a brush.

Women Hair Loss Treatment Using Herbs

There are many methods associated with Women Hair Loss Treatment, starting from a change in lifestyle, diet, and inclusion of vitamin supplements. Women can also use natural products to increase the growth of healthy hair and to stop hair thinning.

Natural Topical Treatment

You can treat hair loss by topical application of special oils like rosemary or jojoba oil on the scalp and massaging it for 10 minutes. Apply these oils everyday.

In addition to this, massage the scalp with warm almond oil at least once a week. Tie a turban around the hair, and let it rest for 2-3 hours. Application of natural products like honey, Aloe Vera, egg yolk and others are also helpful in prevention of hair loss.

A more traditional way of Women Hair Loss Treatment is through herbs. Using herbs like Saw Palmetto and massaging the scalp with aroma oils like thyme, cedar wood, rosemary, and lavender combined with carrier oils like grape seed or jojoba oil are also effective solutions for hair loss.

Mix 1 tablespoon of essential oil with approximately 5 drops of carrier oil and massage into the scalp everyday.

Women Hair loss Treatment Using Vitamin Supplements

Vitamins should be taken only after consultation with a physician, but there is no doubt about their effectiveness in treating hair loss. The following vitamins help to slow down the process of hair loss.

In addition to all these, include zinc in your diet, as it is also important for healthy hair. Eat well, exercise, and follow the tips given above, and your hair will soon start re-growing.

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