What Causes Hair Loss in Women?


Though people are used to hair loss in men and may even expect it, hair loss in women is more common than most people believe. The good news is that even a woman who has severe loss of hair doesn't lose nearly as much of it as a man. Typically, a women only experience hair thinning on the top of her head. Fortunately, women's hair also tends to grow back after a loss.

Many Things Can Cause Hair Loss in Women

There a multiple causes of hair loss in women can be surgery, fever, vitamin deficiency, anemia and losing too much weight too quickly. Emotional stress can also cause women to lose their hair, as can hypothyroidism, eczema, menstrual irregularities and psoriasis. Pregnancy can also lead to a temporary hair loss, as can chemotherapy, medicines to treat high blood pressure, birth control pills and high doses of Vitamin A. It can take as long as three months after the woman experienced the stressor or cause for her hair to begin to fall out. Therefore, she might not even know what's causing her hair loss.

To further understand what causes hair loss in women, it's important to understand how hair grows and doesn't grow. The hair growth and rest cycle can take many months. Hair grows during its active stage, as expected based on the name of the stage. Then, during the resting stage where the hair that's no longer growing, it is pushed out by new hair. Because of this, people lose about 100 hairs a day normally. If a woman finds that she's losing noticeably more than 100 hairs per day, she might be experiencing unusual hair loss.

What Can be Done to Deal With or Reduce the Causes of Hair Loss in Women

There are many things a woman can do to reduce her risk of hair loss. If she's suffering from eczema or psoriasis, she should use medicated shampoo to help treat the condition. It should be noted that shampooing frequently isn't what causes hair loss in women.

What causes hair loss in women can sometimes be traced back to her beautician. Some unskilled beauticians treat hair in a way that damages it and causes it to break off at the roots. A woman should ask friends and colleagues for a reputable beautician.

A woman should also see a doctor if she has a fever and avoid drastic fad diets. These diets may make a woman lose weight but they also starve her body of essential nutrients that support her body as well as her healthy hair. Significant reduction of nutrients can make her lose her hair. She should eat a balanced diet and take a vitamin supplement if necessary. However, she should avoid high doses of Vitamin A.

What causes hair loss in women can also be the way she styles her hair. Very tight cornrows, for example, can lead to traction alopecia, where the hair falls out because of the constant tension caused by the tight braids.

What Causes Hair Loss in Women: Natural Remedies

Among the natural remedies a woman can take to help with her hair loss are topical remedies made from:


This is a waxy liquid from a shrub found in the south-western states. The purified oil is used as conditioner for both skin and hair.


This is an amino acid and part of folic acid and is important for healthy skin and hair restoration, especially when used with biotin, folic acid, pantothenic acid, and sometimes vitamin E.


This essential oil made from the herb not only helps with hair loss but has a beautiful scent as well. Regular use is helpful for controlling hair loss and increasing hair growth.

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