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My hairline is growing in very nicely and I am very pleased with the results...

“I have used this product going on four months now. Before I started using your product I was balding around the hairline of my hair and was very disheartened about my appearance. I would do whatever I could to cover it up. I used many products that claimed to regrow your hair and non has worked until I found your product. My hairline is growing in very nicely and I am very pleased with the results. I don't have to hide my hairline anymore and this makes me very happy. Thank you for making such a wonderful product that works.”

Darlene A.

Feeling much healthier and stronger...

“I have been on the Sephren system for 4 months and I have noticed that the hair I do have is staying and feeling much healthier and stronger.”

Marilyn H.

I Wish I Had Started Earlier...

“Losing hair for a woman can be disturbing and even devastating as I was finding out while going through menopause. I never had a lot of hair and it is fine so losing "more than normal" was an issue for me. I decided to try Sephren and after just a week or so, the hair loss diminished to almost no loss. After one month, I could see hair starting to grow back in. While I still don't have all the hair back that I had lost, I feel so much better about my appearance. I wish that I had started earlier as it seems to have halted the excessive loss that I was getting. My hair dresser has noted quite a bit of new growth, too!”

Vicky P.

I started to notice a fullness to my hair...

“I have tried different shampoos and conditioners and other chemical treatments to try and stop my hair from thinning with no noticeable results. After using Sephren for 2 months now, I started to notice a fullness to my hair that I had not noticed before. I visited my mother and even she commented on the difference as well.”

Rose B.

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