How Sephren's Hair Loss Treatment Works


Hair loss can be an embarrassing and even upsetting subject for some women because they are often identified by their full heads of long beautiful hair. Sephren uses two all-natural formulas to counteract hair loss in women. The combination of a dietary supplement and topical serum attacks hair loss in two important ways.

Sephren Female Hair Loss Product

This all-natural supplement provides your body with the vitamins and minerals it needs to grow strong, healthy, beautiful hair. Since hair is made up of mostly protein it is important that a quality hair loss supplement includes ingredients that help the body utilize protein. B vitamins such as biotin, B6, amino acids like Para-Amino Benzoic Acid (PABA), and minerals such as magnesium aid in the metabolism of amino acids that make up proteins. Most of us already get enough protein in our daily diets for healthy hair but we aren?t always able to use it completely. These nutrients can help your body utilize protein to promote stronger, healthier hair growth.

A good B vitamin complex can help your body use its protein sources, but what about the other components that makes up hair? Horsetail silica is a key ingredient because it provides other necessary components for hair growth. By providing your body these building blocks for hair growth these ingredients can help stimulate and increase hair growth.

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