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An estimated 35 million American women suffer from hair loss due to genetic factors, but that number rises dramatically when you include those who have lost their hair to hormonal changes associated with pregnancy, stress, hormonal imbalance, and other problems. One of the biggest problems with hair loss women face is with their self-esteem. Like men, many women feel less attractive without all of their hair. Furthermore, society's standards of what defines feminine beauty only further support this view.

Treatments for Hair Loss Women Can Try

Hair loss is primarily treated using different drugs or expensive, often unaffordable surgical procedures that may or may not work. The biggest problem with drugs is that they carry side effects and don't work reliably. The issue with surgery is that you might pay tens of thousands of dollars only to have it fail. With these facts in mind, many women are turning toward safer, more natural and affordable ways to treat and prevent hair loss.

Dominate Your Estrogen

Although it's long been believed that excess testosterone is to blame for hair loss, excess estrogen is the real culprit. Women naturally possess more estrogen than men, but they're still vulnerable to the effects of too much. Excess estrogen is an extremely common health problem today and one of the biggest, but least obvious, causes of hair loss that women endure. To remedy the situation, women must get their estrogen under control. Several options to naturally reduce excess estrogen include weight-bearing exercises, avoiding beer and soy, eating oatmeal and, if it's practical for you, consider quitting hormonal contraceptive use.

Nutrients for Hair Loss Women Need

Vitamins, mineral,s and amino acids form the basic building materials of our bodies, and when we don't get enough of them, things stop working as they should. This is even true for hair growth, which requires a large array of nutrients in order to grow strong and healthy. For optimal results to prevent the hair loss women dread, women should focus on getting vitamins C, E, B and A, the minerals zinc, copper, selenium and manganese and the amino acids lysine, carnitine and cystine. These nutrients can be found in convenient supplement form and are also found in many common foods.

Suppress DHT

DHT, or dihydrotestosterone, is the hormone that is most often blamed for hair loss in men, but it can also affect women. Typically, high levels of DHT have a strong genetic component. If your mother, aunt or grandmother experienced hair loss because of it, genetically speaking, you're likely to as well. To prevent hair loss associated with excess DHT women can ingest certain foods which. Oatmeal, seafood and green tea decrease your body's levels of DHT by inhibiting the production of alpha-5-reductase, the enzyme that makes DHT.

Reduce Stress

It's no secret that women are more easily stressed than men, and this is one of the biggest factors in the hair loss women face. If you're starting to lose hair, it's important to get your stress levels under control. There are a variety of options, from exercise to meditation to occasionally pampering yourself at the spa.

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