Hair Loss Treatment for Women


Women who notice large amounts of hair coming out or areas getting thinner could visit a doctor or alternative medicine specialist to try to determine what is causing the hair loss. Many times determining the best treatment depends on the type and reason for hair loss as certain remedies have greater success treating certain causes of women's hair loss. The three most common reasons for women's hair loss are excessive stress, hormonal imbalance and nutritional deficiencies.

There are a variety of Hair Loss Treatment for Women including prescription medicines, natural alternative treatments, and hair restoration. Doctors and women often hesitate to begin with prescription medication before looking at the natural alternatives because of potential unwanted side effects. As such, more often topical applications, which are applied directly to the scalp, are used in initially treating women's hair loss. When choosing what product to use, it's important to determine what is causing the hair loss. It could be an inherited condition, hormonally based, related to stress, or a nutritional deficiency.

For the highest likelihood of regrowth, it is important to start a hair loss treatment for women as soon as the initial hair loss is noticed. The likelihood that treatment will result in regrowth is greater if treatment is started before the hair follicles are damaged and its ability to stimulate growth is destroyed. Also, the earlier the treatment is started, the more likely continued hair loss will be prevented.

Vitamins for Hair Loss Treatment for Women

In some cases, vitamin deficiency or too much of certain vitamins can result in hair loss for women. One B vitamin called biotin works to nourish cells of the hair follicles; if this vitamin is deficient, the hair follicles don't function properly and thinning hair can result.

Other B vitamins, such as thiamine, riboflavin, niacin and Pantothenic acids, are of great importance in hair growth as they help to metabolize nutrients that are essential in the health of hair follicles. A B-complex supplement is helpful treatment if the cause of a women's hair loss is due to vitamin B deficiencies.

Another important vitamin associated with hair loss treatment for women is the proper amount of vitamin A. Vitamin A is an antioxidant and it eliminates free radicals that damage follicle cells. Too much or too little vitamin A can cause hair thinning.

Two natural products, Kelp supplements and Ginkgo Biloba, serve as hair loss treatment for women by increasing blood flow in the scalp and normalize follicle function.

Alternative Supplements for Hair Loss Treatment for Women

Jojoba oil comes from the plant, Simmondsia chinensis, grown in desert areas. It's been nicknamed liquid gold as it has been known to stimulate hair growth and make skin softer. Because it is so rich in vitamin E, an antioxidant that helps to keep the immune system working properly and improves circulation throughout the body including the scalp, it helps discourage hair loss and encourage hair regrowth. This product is beneficial for treating hair loss in women if her hair loss or thinning is due to stress, aging, or poor eating habits.

During menopause when there are many hormonal changes, so taking something like Herbal Equilibrium can assist in balancing a female's hormones. When hormones are in better balance, hair follicles function properly and hair regrowth may occur.

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