Hair Loss in Women


Hair loss is often associated with men who are advancing in years, but many women also suffer from hair loss. Because it is less expected and less well-known than hair loss in men, women often suffer more embarrassment over thinning hair. However, a number of remedies are available to help restore a full head of hair.

Causes of Hair Loss in Women

Women put their hair through a variety of beauty procedures that use chemicals that can damage hair follicles and lead to hair loss. Additionally, pregnancy can cause hormonal changes that can often lead to hair loss. Similarly, menopause affects the hormonal levels within women and can also be a time of increased hair loss. Stress, drastic weight loss and major surgery can also cause changes in the body that can lead to hair loss. Loss of hair in women can also be due to hereditary reasons. Problems with the thyroid gland or immune system of the body can also cause hair loss. Some medications such as non-steroidal pain relievers, chemotherapy drugs and antidepressants can also cause hair loss.

Remedies for Hair Loss in Women

For hundreds of years, women suffering from hair loss have looked to natural remedies to help restore volume and sheen. A number of herbal and natural products have been shown to be effective for this problem. Many of these natural products can also be used in combinations with each other for better results. Most, if not all, of these products are available at health foods stores or online vitamin outlets.


Biotin, or vitamin B7, is a nutrient that is part of the vitamin B complex. Biotin serves several functions in the body. It helps to synthesize fat, carbohydrates and proteins in the body and is essential to the metabolism process needed for thick hair. It also protects your body against dryness resulting in better moisturized hair follicles and hair growth with more elasticity and not brittle.

Cedarwood Oil

Essential oils have been used to help hair loss for centuries. Cedarwood oil helps to stimulate the scalp to encourage hair growth by preventing dandruff and eliminate irritation. It also has a balancing effect on both dry and oily skin. Just a few drops mixed into a mild shampoo can help to restore hair volume and deliver a healthy scalp.

Grapeseed Oil

Grapeseed oil contains abundant amounts of antioxidant polyphenols that help to promote a healthy scalp. It can be applied to the hair, left on for 30 minutes and washed out.

Jojoba Oil

Jojoba oil is made from the jojoba shrub that grows in dry, hot climates. Native Americans used the oil pressed from the seeds for medicinal purposes. It is often found in hair products because of its rejuvenating properties. Jojoba cleans hair follicles of excess sebum, promoting healthy growth and shine.

Lavender Oil

Lavender oil has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects that can help to regenerate the scalp to promote hair growth. It is also helpful in relieving stress, which can contribute to hair loss in women.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is another natural substance that has been for centuries in tropical climates to strengthen hair, moisturize the scalp and enhance sheen. It can be used as a direct treatment on hair, but should be washed out carefully to prevent oiliness.

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