Female Hair Loss


Most women take great pride in their hair, spending time and money to keep it healthy and attractive. But like men, women are sometimes affected by hair loss. Fortunately, female hair loss is more likely temporary and repairable by any number of natural oils, herbs, and topical treatments. Let's take a look at a few common causes of female hair loss and some natural ingredients that can help restore healthy hair.

Hereditary Female Hair Loss

Androgenetic alopecia is the most common cause for hair loss. This is a genetic disorder wherein a gene is inherited from one of your parents and causes your hair to thin. It is usually first noticed as a thinning of the hairline near the bangs or temples.

Telogen Effluvium

This type of hair loss can occur following pregnancy, drastic weight loss, stress, or major surgery. It can also happen as a result of taking certain medications which affect your hormones.


Women whose bodies produce inadequate thyroid hormone can experience hair loss as a result. In fact, it is one of the most common causes of female hair loss since the thyroid hormone helps regulate hair, skin, and nail growth.

Natural Ingredients to Restore Healthy Hair

Jojoba Oil

Jojoba oil comes from the Simmondsia chenensis plant. It is an odourless, colorless oil that is non-greasy. It is high in vitamin E and helps hair be healthier in several ways.

One way jojoba oil helps eliminate female hair loss is by sealing the hair shaft. It seals the cuticle and protects against damage caused by everyday grooming. It also locks in moisture, making hair stronger and less likely to break.

Jojoba oil is also a powerful moisturizer that is great for damaged, thinning hair. Applying it to your scalp keeps it from drying out and prevents dandruff. The oil also prevents excessive buildup of sebum - the oily secretion produced by your scalp made of fat and epithelial debris which can clog the hair follicle.

The oil can be used as a conditioner to leave in. Simply apply some to your hair and comb through it to distribute it evenly. You can also mix with water and apply it with a spray bottle as a leave-in conditioner.


Silica, which is short for silicon dioxide, is one of the most prevalent minerals found on Earth. It is also found in many parts of the human body including the joints, nails, and hair.

Silica helps strengthen each individual hair strand by giving it new elasticity, which makes it less likely to break, and adding shine. It can be taken orally as a supplement, and is a popular addition to many hair growth formulas.

Emu Oil for Female Hair Loss

This once obscure oil is gaining popularity due to its ability to maintain and even regrow hair. It provides nutrition to the hair and is an excellent moisturizer as it is one of the few substances known to penetrate all seven layers of the skin.

This remarkable penetration ability means that your scalp will drink it in, so it doesn't leave behind a greasy or oily residue. The same penetrating feature also makes it fantastic for combining with any of your other topical hair products since it will carry these products through all the layers of your skin. Emu oil can be added to your normal shampoo or applied overnight as a leave-in conditioner for female hair loss.

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