Causes of Hair Loss in Women


Hair loss can be an embarrassing and even upsetting subject for some women because they are often identified by their full heads of long beautiful hair. Sephren uses two all-natural formulas to counteract hair loss in women. The combination of a dietary supplement and topical serum attacks hair loss in two important ways.

Common Treatments and Causes of Hair Loss in Women

The causes of hair loss in women include stress, hormonal changes, dieting or changes in your nutrition, and medications. Your health, both mental and physical, has a big impact on the health of your hair. Finding the causes that relate to you is the first step in regrowing the hair that you have lost.

Medical Causes

Among the leading causes of hair loss in women are medical issues, such as autoimmune disorders and cancer medications that cause hair follicles to stop producing hair. The average person has three cycles of hair growth. The first lasts for anywhere from three to seven years and is a period when the hair grows up to one inch a month. There is then a transition phase where the hair follicle prepares to rest, which lasts from a few weeks to a few months. During the third phase, hair follicles become inactive for a few weeks before the cycle begins again.

Autoimmune disorders can cause your body to attack hair follicles, interrupting the natural cycle of hair growth and leading to noticeable round patches of hair loss. This type of condition is typically treated by a dermatologist who will recommend topical treatments that can aid in regrowing hair. If you are taking medications that cause hair loss, such as cancer treatments, you will need to wait until the treatment is completed before your hair regrows. You can use some simple methods to promote healthy hair once the treatment is complete.

Other Causes of Hair Loss

Sometimes, the cause of hair loss in women is unknown. Stress and hormonal changes are often at the root of the problem. Thinning hair is common in women during menopause and those who have just given birth. After menopause, using natural treatments such as biotin can help you grow healthy hair. Biotin can be taken as a supplement to provide your body with the tools needed to convert food into energy that is used for healthy hair and nails. Silica is also an option for women experiencing thinning hair. Silica supplements can be combined with biotin for optimum results.

Natural Treatments

Women with hair loss can also use natural plant products to promote healthy hair. An all-natural hair solution may contain lavender, jojoba oil, Spanish rosemary oil, grape seed oil and cedar wood essential oils.

For those seeking a natural treatment, PABA can also be used for healthy hair. PABA is Para-Amino benzoic Acid, a supplemental amino acid that is used in commercial hair loss treatments. When used as a supplement, the amino acid is typically used as recommended by your physician and is used in combination with other supplements.

Along with these options, eating a healthy diet that provides enough nutrients for a healthy body can promote healthy hair.

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