Complete Solution For Women to End Thinning Hair and Hair Loss

Sephren is 100% natural and scientifically developed for women who are experiencing thinning hair and female pattern hair loss. Sephren works within a few weeks to bring your hair back to life with deeper roots and thicker hair shafts. What sets Sephren apart is that it can also awaken dormant hair follicles to allow new growth.

I noticed my hair thinning once menopause hit and the hormonal changes made a noticeable difference in my appearance. I wanted a natural product without chemicals and Sephren was definitely the best choice for me. My hair is actually thicker now than it had ever been before.

Karen - Savannah, GA.

Sephren's four-pronged system fights hair loss at the root

  • Stimulates
    New Growth

    Sephren contains the essential vitamins and minerals needed to stimulate new hair growth and address the root causes of female hair loss.

  • Slows
    Hair Loss

    Sephren uses a powerful blend of botanical extracts that help maintain a healthy scalp. This is essential to warding off and slowing hair loss in women.

  • Revitalizes
    Hair Follicles

    Using natural oil extracts, Sephren increases blood flow to the scalp and eliminates sebum, which can block hair growth. This revitalizes dormant hair follicles for thicker hair.

  • Promotes
    Healthy Hair

    Sephren contains key vitamins and nutrients to help the scalp utilize keratin, which is the primary component of hair. This enables hair to
    grow healthier and

How Sephren Works

Sephren Fights Hair Loss Three Main Ways:

  • Sephren works to improve blood flow to the scalp. This increases the flow of nutrients to hair follicles and helps revitalize dormant hair follicles, resulting in thicker, healthier hair.
  • Sephren’s active foam moisturizes and heals the damaged scalp to support healthy hair growth while eliminating harmful free-radicals.
  • Sephren increases biotin levels in the body, which helps to grow stronger, healthier hair follicles and helps improve elasticity to prevent breakage.
Biotin - Vitamin B6 - Magnesium Oxide - Horsetail Silicia + Ingredient List

Natural Ingredients. Real Results. Genuine Testimonials!

Prior to using Sephren my hair was dry, brittle and limp. I had thinning hair that was very noticeable. Now, my hair has more volume and it’s amazing the fullness I now have. I honestly can’t believe the results!

Lily – Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

After just one month, I could see hair growing back in! My husband and kids have even made comments about how much fuller and healthier my hair looks. Plus, it has cut styling time in half. I’m thankful I gave Sephren a chance!

Nina – Columbus, OH.

No Chemicals – No Gmo’s – No Animal - No Side Effects Testing

Sephren is the leading solution for female hair loss and is 100% naturally derived. No chemicals mean no adverse side effects, including hormonal.

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