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All-Natural Female Hair Loss Treatment Stops Thinning Hair and Promotes Hair Regrowth

Let's face it, hair can define many things for a woman; personality, attractiveness, success, health, and social status to name a few. Losing it can have a dramatic effect on both a woman's self esteem and social life. Many women experiencing hair loss can feel as if they are losing their confidence.

An estimated 40% of women experience noticeable hair loss by the age 40. This hair loss can begin in a woman's early 20's. If left untreated, female hair loss can worsen, until it becomes irreversible. In the past women had few natural hair loss treatment options. With recent medical advances, certain components have been identified that target female hair loss causes. When used as a part of a comprehensive approach, they can reverse the effects of female hair loss. Sephren's unique formulation isolates these natural ingredients and combines them synergistically to target the underlying causes of female hair loss and regrow lost hair.

Two-Part Female Hair Loss Treatment System

Sephren is a unique female hair loss treatment system that combines a hair growth supplement with a topical hair growth foam. Working together, these two components fight hair loss internally and externally. Sephren's formula works with your own female body chemistry to:

  • Prevent Further Hair Loss
  • Promote Regrowth of Lost Hair Follicles
  • Promote Circulation to the Scalp
  • Provide Nutritional Support for Healthy Hair
  • Avoid Harmful Side Effects
  • Assist in Faster Hair Growth
  • Condition and Cleanse the Scalp

Put an End to Female Hair Loss

Hair loss in women can start at any time and be caused by a variety of internal and external factors. Stress, poor nutrition, hormonal imbalances, and environmental factors can all contribute to thinning hair in women. Once female hair loss has begun, early treatment is critical to identify and reverse it. Sephren's formulation is aimed at the most common factors that contribute to female-specific hair loss.

It is normal for women lose between 50 to 150 hairs in a day. Normally these lost hairs are replaced with new hair; however female hair loss or thinning usually occurs when these hairs are replaced by shorter, thinner hairs. Women who are suffering from female hair loss generally lose a greater number of hair follicles each day, and this lost hair is not replaced by new growth. Over time, the scalp becomes more visible as more and more hairs are lost and not replaced.

Sephren works to restore your body's natural hair growth mechanism safely and quickly. By combining essential building blocks of healthy hair with herbal ingredients that fight the primary causes of thinning hair, Sephren helps to reverse your hair loss from the first day of use. Don't wait until its too late, order Sephren risk-free and take the first step towards ending female hair loss.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long does Sephren take to work?

    Each person's case is different. Most Sephren users that take the oral supplement and use the topical foam will experience noticeable within 2-3 months.

  • How do I know if Sephren will work for me?

    Sephren has been scientifically designed to halt further hair loss and promote hair regrowth for women suffering from Female Androgenetic Alopecia, the most common cause of female hair loss. Sephren will not help individuals whose hair loss is a result of chemotherapy, scalp trauma, or alopecia areata.

  • Does Sephren work for men?

    Sephren does not work for men. It has been specifically designed for the hair loss needs of women. We recommend Procerin for male hair loss, which you can order directly from the manufacturer by clicking here.

  • Is Sephren FDA approved?

    The Food & Drug Administration does not have an approval process for nutritional supplements, only prescription medications. All of Sephren's ingredients voluntarily comply with the FDA's GRAS safety requirements.

  • Can I take Sephren at the same time as Women's Rogaine?

    Sephren is safe to take in conjunction with other supplements and medications for treatment of hair loss. Many of our customers report great success using the Sephren oral supplement and Women's Rogaine together, since both products target hair loss differently.

  • What happens if I stop using Sephren? Will my new hair fall out?

    This is a common concern, and the answer varies by individual. Some women report no hair loss after they stop using Sephren. Most women will start to see their hair loss return, more slowly, within a few months of stopping their Sephren treatment. We encourage all users to experiment to determine what period of use works best for them.

  • What are the side effects?

    While Sephren has been designed to work well for the majority of people, some users may experience stomach discomfort from the oral supplement or dry, itchy skin from the topical foam. If you should experience any of these symptoms or other negative effects, discontinue use immediately.

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